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Aakash Petroleums

22 Years of Experience in Oil Industry

Aakash Petroleums is leading company in the industrial & automation oil field. It provides innovative oil solutions with easy-to-use, open automation and enabling technologies.The history of Aakash Petroleums starts with many first steps. The step into independence, onto the automotive & industrial market with STATUS oil products.

With oil and expertise in automation technology and innovation. Aakash Petroleums is consisted of dedicated, professional experts with the constant aim to offer unique services and support to our market. Our reason to exist is to support customers in improving the performance of their vehicles, ensuring continuity and sustainably maximising value.

Aakash Petroleums

Mahendra Bhavsar

Mahendra Bhavsar having 32 years experience in oil industry. He had great knowledge for this industry. He always believes in provide quality based product solutions for clients. Mahendra Bhavsar is Enthusiastic Entrepreneur and always provide respect to someone.


Having 22 years of experience in oil industry


We always use professional approach for solutions


We examined impacts of team for automation industry

Aakash Petroleums

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