Gear/Transmission Oils

Gear Oil




It is High quality, mild-EP automotive gear lubricant designed for applications where API GL-4 performance is required.


  • Automotive manual synchromesh transmissions and transaxles, particularly where the manufacturer specifically advises against the use of API GL-5 lubricants
  • Automotive spiral-bevel and worm gear differentials
  • Tractor and agricultural gear sets, and oil-lubricated track rollers of crawler tractors
  • Industrial applications for which API GL-4 lubricants are suitable

Performance Standards:

  • API GL-4

Pack Sizes Available:

  • 1 LTR
  • 5 LTR
  • 7 LTR
  • 10 LTR
  • 50 LTR
  • 210 LTR

Customer Benefits:

  • The special EP additive and corrosion inhibiter system protects against rusting
  • The special sulfur-phosphorus EP additive system provides good load carrying capacity
  • The highly refined base oil and special inhibitor system provides good oxidation stability and thus longer oil service life